TAAM users have banded together to create an active community of software users.  The World-Wide TAAM Users Group (WWTUG) includes TAAM users from around the globe.  Some of the world's most respected and successful airspace architects belong to the WWTUG. The group meets to share information and tips on how to get the best results from using TAAM and to further the use of simulation within the aviation industry as a whole.


The World-Wide group is broken into two further sub-groups based on Geography – The Europe, Middle East, and Africa TAAM User Group (EMEATUG), and the Americas & Pacific TAAM User Group (APTUG).  Each of the users groups are free to organise meetings whenever ideal in the region, however the annual WWTUG meeting is the key meeting for users to come together to share innovative ideas.


Jeppesen Product Management and support staff attend user group meetings, presenting product updates and using the meetings as a valuable communication forum with the users. Users work closely with Jeppesen at these meetings to identify and prioritize problem areas, enhancements and focus areas.   In addition, the user group meetings are a platform for users to present summaries of their work for the benefit of others. Most of the presentations center around past projects, new trends and techniques, and user developed tool sets that are complementary to TAAM.

Information regarding TAAM user group meetings and locations are available from the following table.


Meeting Location Host Chairperson  Resources

2020 WWTUG

Cancelled due to COVID-19 Travel restrictions - John Kuchenbrod -
2019 WWTUG Madrid, Spain Boeing Research and Technology, Europe John Kuchenbrod Presentations
2018 WWTUG Chicago, USA Ricondo Erik Wilkins Presentations
2017 WWTUG Hangzhou, China ATMB Jay Wang Presentations
2016 WWTUG Whiteley (Portsmouth), U.K NATS Jay Wang

Event Information


2015 WWTUG Seattle, U.S.A Boeing Phil Trautman/Jean-mari Rossouw Presentations
2014 WWTUG Canberra, Australia Airservices Phil Dowson Presentations
2013 WWTUG Cape Town, South Africa ATNS Jan van Antwerp Presentations
2013 EMEATUG Whiteley (Portsmouth), U.K NATS Simon Martin  
2013 APTUG Washington D.C, U.S.A Noblis Mike Yablonski  
2012 WWTUG San Francisco, U.S.A Landrum and Brown Ani Kane Presentations
2012 EMEATUG Madrid, Spain AENA Sebastian Rosello Presentations
2011 WWTUG Singapore, Singapore Jeppesen Tony Vassiliadis Presentations
2011 EMEATUG Naples, Italy SICTA Maria-carmela Supino Presentations
2011 APTUG Memphis, U.S.A FedEx Todd Waller Presentations
2010 WWTUG Seattle, U.S.A Boeing Phil Trautman Presentations
2010 EMEATUG Frankfurt, Germany Jeppesen Jan Hein van Dronklaar  
2009 WWTUG Vienna, Austria Vienna Airport Richard Feller Presentations